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Finally A New Post!

By Blake Hancock, July 2nd, 2010

I have been neglecting this blaawwwwwwg pretty badly so I decided to make a new post. I'm not sure what to cover so I'll just display some text and images of a quest to make my life easier.

I, like many, prefer my hex codes to be upper case. Photoshop's colour picker however, seems to prefer lower case. This is problematic as when I copy said hex colour code to a CSS document, I then have to covert it to upper case or suffer every time I look at it. (Read More)

Torology Blog Is Open!

By Blake Hancock, October 16th, 2009

Hello and welcome to the Torology blog! This first posting serves as an introduction to Torology and what you can expect to find here from today forward. Torology is about total world domination! Torology is about anything and everything that has to do with web design and development. The web is constantly changing and in order to stay ahead, one has to continually learn new and emerging technologies. Rather then keep all this knowledge to myself, I will share it on this here blog. (I know, I'm such a nice guy!) To any aspiring web developers: be sure to check out the resources page for a collection of links that will more than help you get started. As I come across new resources, I will be sure to add them.